Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



What is OSCA (Online Security Clearance Application)?


OSCA is OPG’s own custom designed Online Security Clearance Application, which has been developed to help with the security clearance application process from start to finish.



How can I get started with OSCA?


Obtain a 20-digit unique start code and password from your OPG supervisor/contact/contract administrator.



Why is there a hard copy paperwork portion if this is an online application?



We require your handwritten signatures and initials as your authorization (consent) for OPG and our external agencies to conduct checks required for your security clearance.



Why are passports not accepted as proof of legal status?



Unfortunately, not all passports indicate legal status in Canada.  However, we do accept passports as photo identification.

                      The only accepted forms of legal status documentation are as follows:

·         Canadian birth certificates

·         Canadian citizenship cards/certificates

·         Canadian permanent residence cards

·         A combination of your Canadian work permit + non-Canadian birth certificate or driver's license + non-Canadian passport



Why is it necessary that photocopies of my legal status and supporting documentation be verified/notarized?



This is a measure used to prevent fraudulent use of forged identification/documentation. 



What’s the proper way of verifying/notarizing my supporting documentation?


Every single photocopied/scanned page needs its own signature, printed name, and date from your OPG contact/notary public/commissioner of oath.  A notary public may typically only provide you with an accompanying separate document stating the verification, but you must advised them that each page requires their signature.



I've lost my legal status documentation. What should I do?



You must apply for a new replacement of your legal status documentation. This process takes time so it is important that you do so right away.

  Canadian Birth Certificate Application Website
Canadian Citizenship Card Application Website
Canadian Permanent Resident Card Application Website

Submit your application only when you have all of your required documentation.  Without it, your application will not be processed.



What does a Site Access Security Clearance consist of?



A Site Access Security Clearance consists of:

·         Criminal Record Name Check (CRNC) in Canada

·         CSIS Indices Check

·         Employment & Education Verification


A driving or credit check may be required depending on job function.



What does a Standard Security Clearance consist of?



A Standard Security Clearance consists of:

·         Criminal Record Name Check (CRNC) in Canada.

A driving or credit check may be required depending on job function.



Who are the third party agencies that conduct these checks?



The external agencies that handle our security checks are:

·          Criminal Record Name Check – Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)

·          CSIS Indices Check – Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)

·          Employment & Education Verification – Investigative Solutions Network Inc. (ISN)

·          Driving Check – Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO)

·          Credit Check – Equifax Canada




What company is Investigative Solutions Network?



They are our trusted third-party partners that help us perform employment and education checks by contacting either you or your references listed in your application. They specialize in investigations and background screening. 



What do I do now that I've submitted my OSCA application online?



After you've submitted your OSCA application online, print out all of the hard copy forms. You must sign and initial the application in the proper places.  Refer to the OSCA final checklist for instructions.

Make photocopies of your legal status documentation and photo identification. You must have these copies verified/notarized as being true copies of the original by your OPG contact or a licensed notary public/Commissioner of Oath.

If your current name is different from the name on your legal status documents, you must provide a copy of your Legal Name Change document or marriage license/drivers licence. This must be verified as a true copy of the original.

To send your application, please send legible scanned images of the paperwork and email them directly to


Alternatively, if you’re not able to scan, then place your application and documentation together in a sealed confidential envelope and send to:


Ontario Power Generation, Security Clearance Office

889 Brock Rd  P82 4C-6

Pickering, ON  L1W 3J2




How will I know when my security clearance has been approved?



Your OPG sponsor will be notified once your security clearance has been approved or if an issue arises.



How secure is OSCA in terms of keeping my information safe?



OSCA uses the highest level of SSL encryption and firewalls between their servers to ensure that your information is kept safe and secure. To access the information stored in your OSCA application online, a unique ID and your chosen password are required. 



I have supporting documents that are not in English or French.  What should I do?



The documentation must be accompanied by a translation performed by a certified translator. 



If I elect to utilize an external service provider (i.e. notary public) to verify all my supporting documentation and a fee is incurred, will I be reimbursed?



No.  These costs may be avoided by having your OPG Contact complete the verification.  



If I utilize an external service provider to translate documentation supporting a Clearance Application and a fee is incurred, will I be reimbursed?






If I obtain a Criminal Record Name Check from a Police Agency/FBI, etc to support a Clearance Application and a fee is incurred, will I be reimbursed?






On the printed forms, there are sections that are still blank, and I wasn’t asked to fill them out online (i.e. Immediate Relatives, character reference, etc).  Do I need to fill out these sections by hand?


No.  OPG utilizes the same form for different clearance type & level.  Some sections may not be required for the type and level of clearance you are applying for.



How can we contact the Security Clearance Office for help?





Our phone number is 905-839-6746 Ext. 4440 (country code 001).
Our office hours are from Monday to Friday 7:30am-2:30pm (Eastern Standard Time).

Alternatively, you can email us at



How do I obtain an out of country Criminal Record Name Check (CRNC)?





               The process for obtaining a CRNC can different for each country and also differs depending on your situation.

                 For reference, you can use


If you are required to provide an FBI check and currently reside in the United States of America, you can apply through one of the FBI’s                                approved channeller.



The Online Security Clearance Application CHECKLIST identified that I am required to provide a Criminal Record Name Check (CRNC). Can I still submit my clearance application while I am applying for Criminal Record Name Check (CRNC)?






Yes, you can submit your clearance application in parallel to you applying for the CRNC.  A proof that you applied for the CRNC (courier receipt, application receipt, etc) must accompany your security clearance application.



How to fill out the Online Security Clearance Application

The process involves the following steps:



Entering Information In Each Tab


Tab Instructions

Note: The tab requirements for Site Access Security Clearance Application and the Standard Security Clearance Application are different.


This tab collects information regarding the job position you are applying for at OPG.

The OPG Supervisor / Requestor Information should already be filled in. If this information is incorrect, please contact your OPG contact immediately.

Please fill in all of the fields that are applicable to you.

Job Position/Title – Enter the job position/title you are applying for in OPG.

OPG Employee # - If you do not have an OPG employee Number, leave this field blank.

The Driver’s License field is mandatory for individual’s applying for or in driver positions, or for OPG staff driving greater than 2,500 KM per year on OPG business, or contractors driving OPG vehicles and/or driving on OPG business.

The Financial credit check field is mandatory for individuals applying for or in positions with financial management authorities.

If your OPG sponsor has incorrectly requested: a driver’s abstract check, a financial credit check, or incorrectly listed your employment status, please contact your OPG contact immediately.



This tab collects your birth and biographical information.

Please note that you must enter your name as it is written on your legal status documentation. Example: Michael Smith (not Mike Smith, unless specified otherwise). Follow exactly what is written on your legal status documentation:

Select the legal status document that applies to you:

 • Canadian born, use:

   - Canadian Birth Certificate (Baptismal certificates are not acceptable)

   (Note, enter the registration number into OSCA, not the certificate number)


 • Canadian Citizen, use:

   - Canadian Citizenship Card/Certificate


 • Permanent Resident in Canada, use:

   - Canadian Permanent Resident Card


 • Working in Canada under a work permit

          - Canadian work permit number





Select the marital status that pertains to you.  Fill out your spouse’s information as required.




List only the criminal convictions for which a pardon has not been granted. Criminal convictions outside of Canada must also be included.

Offences under the National Defense Act are to be included. Convictions by courts-martial are to be included.



For completion by persons born outside Canada or born in Canada holding dual citizenship.

Immediate Relatives

Relatives [Level 2 Only]

Provide information about all your immediate relatives, living in and outside of Canada.  This includes:

-          Father, mother, brother(s) and sister(s)

-          Step-mother and step-father

-          Half or step brother(s) and sister(s)

-          Adoptive parents

-          Children over 18 years of age

-          Mother-in-law and father-in-law

-          Stepmother-in-law and stepfather-in-law



We require that you list the addresses where you have lived in the last 5 years (10 years for Level 2). There must not be any gaps between dates.


The postal code is mandatory for the current address (if in Canada), and if known, for previous addresses.

Note: The Street name field must consist of at least two (2) words.  Ex: Main St.              

Postal code field must be in the M1M1A1 format.




If your employment would be jeopardized if your current supervisor is contacted, you may supply an alternate employment contact (NOTE:  the alternate contact must be from the same company and not from other previous employer).

Were you dismissed or asked to resign from any position(s) listed below? If you were laid off due to company downsizing, company bankruptcy, shortage of work or seasonal employment, you can check “No”

We require that you list the companies and/or employers that you have worked for in the last 5 years (10 years for Level 2). There must not be any gaps between dates. You may list multiple employers with overlapping dates.

Record your present employment first.  Please note that it may be necessary to contact your present employer.

Time at school and periods of unemployment are also mandatory; (as well as, secondments, educational leave, and courses of over six month’s duration; include supervisor or colleague's name).

If you were unemployed: enter “unemployed” in the space given for “Name of Employer” and enter the dates associated with this period.  Enter the address you were residing at during those associated period.  For “Job Title” and “Supervisor’s Name”, you can enter “not applicable”.  Enter the phone number you were utilizing during the associated period.

If you were attending school: In the space given for “Name of Employer”, enter the name of the school and enter the dates associated with this period.  As the “Job-site address”, enter the address of the school and enter “Student” as the “Job Title”. Enter the phone number you were utilizing during the associated period.

If you were self-employed or worked as a consultant: enter your business name in the space given for “Name of Employer”.  If you do not have a business name, enter your name in full.  As the “Job-site Address”, enter the business address.  If the business address is your residence address, enter the residence address.  For the “Supervisor’s name”, provide a name of a person who can verify your employment.  Note:  You will be contacted by our approved service provider to supply 2 business references (2 recent businesses that your company interacted with).

Job site address is the address where your work is performed and may be different from your employer's address.



List 3 character references and one neighborhood reference.  Character references must be non-family members who have known you for three years or more.  Applicants living outside of Canada or can provide references from outside of Canada.



List countries visited within the last five years for personal travel and/or non-government business, other than Canada, between 15 and 183 days.

Travel record is only for less than six months; if more than six months, it is to be recorded as residence.

One day visits to countries, such as cruise stopover, do not have to be recorded.


List the last school or university you attended full time.  Do not forget to include the field of study and specify if a diploma/degree was obtained.





Once all the tabs in OSCA are filled in and completed as indicated by the green tabs, you may begin the process to submit your application.

There are four (4) important steps to complete your submission:

1. Print out the application and sign, initial and date in the proper places. 

We require your handwritten signatures and initials as your authorization (consent) for OPG to conduct the checks required for your security clearance.  Please follow the OSCA final checklist.

2. Submit the application electronically by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.

3. Make photocopies of your legal status documents and photo identification to include with your application. You must include one selection from each group.

                *All photocopies of supporting documentation must be verified (print name, sign & date) as true copies of the original by an OPG Contact or notarized by a notary public or a Commissioner of Oath. Ensure verification of supporting documentation is signed, and dated directly on the page(s) for each photocopy of supporting documents provided.

Supporting Documentation - select the one applicable to you.  Choose one from Group A and one from Group B.


Group A – Legal Status Documentation – select one:


·         Born in Canada - Canadian Birth Certificate (Baptismal certificates are not acceptable)

·         Canadian Citizen - Canadian Citizenship Card/Certificate (make photocopy of both sides)

·         Permanent Resident - Permanent Resident Card (make photocopy of both sides)

·         Temporarily working in Canada - Work Permit/Employment Authorization, Birth Certificate/Driver’s License, Passport.  (All three required)


                If your current name differs from what appears on the copy of your legal status document, you must also include a copy of one of the following:

·          Name Change Certificate

·          Marriage Certificate

·          Driver’s License (accepted if change of name due to marriage)


Group B – Photo Identification – select one:


·         Copy of Passport (bio page only, must be signed)

·         Copy of Driver’s License (front and back)

·         Copy of Canadian Provincial Photo ID card

·         Copy of Government Employment card

·         Copy of Age of Majority card

·         Copy of Military Employment card

·         Copy of Indian Status card (front and back)

·         Copy of Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL)


                Please refer to The OSCA Final Checklist for further confirmation on what you are required to submit.


4. When you have all your security clearance paperwork signed, initialed and dated, your legal status documents copied and verified by your OPG contact or notarized by a notary public, and all other supporting documentation has been collected, then forward the forms and copies of required documentation to the security clearance office at OPG.

Do this by either:

Scan a clear copy (PDF preferred) to email box:


Sent in a confidential envelope to:

Ontario Power Generation, Security Clearance Office

889 Brock Road  P82 4C-6

Pickering, ON  L1W 3J2



For all inquiries call our hotline at (905) 839-6746 Ext. 4440 (country code 001)